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OTT Enabled and Personalized

Our Mission is to bring best content recommendation system to our clients.

MyReco is a content recommendation engine, built to deliver the most relevant content to end users, basis their viewing data. Through MyReco, you can serve recommendations on your App that are AI driven and are personalized.

The product APIs enable teams to deliver personalized recommendations to each individual user or a set of users, customize parameters to suit specific business requirements, track every single iteration through Analytics and deploy variations to test a hypothesis through A/B testing. Myreco adds meaningful meta data to ensure greater accuracy of recommendations.

Our Experts

Meet Our Team

Vamshi Reddy

Chief Executive Officer

Vamshi moved from Cisco systems in the San Francisco Bay area to come back to India and establish Apalya. He has been the key driver to shape Apalya’s vision and growth over the last 10 years.

Shiva Bayyapunedi

Co-Founder and Chief Technical Officer

Shiva is the think tank responsible for the company's technology roadmap, R&D and Engineering. Before this, He has worked in the US and Finland (Nokia) and has extensive experience in the field of real-time systems/telecom and mobile OS technologies.

Jyotsna Viriyala

EVP, Product & Consumer Experience

Jyotsna is a researcher before anything else. She doesn’t rest till she gets answers to the reasons behind any data movement! She held business roles with Star TV and leadership roles in 13 of her 20-year media career, before deciding to exit the world of traditional broadcast and get involved with data that is worth looking at!

Kunal Shah

Data Scientist

Kunal is an Physics-Maths Enthusiast turned Data Scientist. He is responsible for designing data structure, data flow for the product as well as work on algorithms that power the product. When he is not playing around with the data, he is busy listening to philosophy podcasts or Netflix.

Chakradhara Kankanala

Project Lead

20 years experienced professionals who understand customers’ needs and desires by assessing market competition. With his vast experience in Product Development, Delivery Management, Program Management, Pre-Sales, and Software Project Management he continuously has proven the ability to achieve the goals in Key Result Areas and business objectives through a team-oriented approach.
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